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This is the first post in the series entitled:

Maddomswood Barn Conversion

How I found my next project

It had been several months since the sales of the Brenchley properties had completed; I had helped my Mum and Dad to downsize by buying them a house to move into whilst they took their time selling and moving out of the house they had been in for over 40 years. I was paid back in May and was ready to start looking for the next project.

I was minding my own business, watching Rugby on the telly probably, when my wife Louise came in to the room; I was hoping she was going to put a beer or at the very least a cup of tea in my hand but instead she thrust her i-pad under my nose to show me the advert for the barn. Click here to view on Rightmove


Pre-development picture of North West Elevation of Maddomswood Barn Whatlington East Sussex

North West Elevation of Maddomswood Barn, Whatlington, East Sussex.


South East Elevation Maddomswood Barn Whatlington East Sussex pre conversion

South East Elevation of Maddomswood Barn, Whatlington, East Sussex


I was aware of the building as we have a search set up on Rightmove which sends us all properties that fit our criteria; follow this link to find out how this is done http://www.rightmove.co.uk/this-site/setup-alert.html

When this one was sent to us we had not sold the Brenchley properties so we set it aside to be considered when we did. It then went under offer and was discarded.

Louise then found me again, probably in the bath surrounded by candles, and told me the barn sale had fallen through and was back on the market; I put down whatever I was reading and took another look; on reflection thought it would be worth a drive by before contacting the agent.

We drove up to the farm gates and I wasn’t overly impressed as a lot of the adjacent buildings looked uncared for; a bit like me at 8am on a Sunday morning.

Driveway Maddomswood Barn Conversion Whatlington East Sussex

The untidy Farm Driveway leading to Maddomswood Barn


Maddomswood Barn track

The untidy farm track leading away from the barn


I didn’t get that feeling I normally get when I view a property worth considering. We reversed away and went home for a cup of tea and a custard cream or three.

I then got thinking. Could the ‘street scene’ be improved as part of the negotiation? Is the asking price reasonable? Will the property sell quickly if completed to our high standard? All were yes so I decided to contact the agent.






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