3 – Maddomswood Barn – Planning and Design

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Maddomswood Barn Conversion

The Planning and Design process

The property already had planning as you have already seen, but I felt the design was all wrong. The focus was on the front and not at the back where the beautiful view of the valley was. The Planning permission came with conditions similar to those placed on a Listed Building. This was because the property had been deemed a Heritage Asset (they missed the barn when listing properties so this way they can control any changes) so the Conservation Officer needed to be consulted. No Listed Planning Consent required but the conditions inflicted by the Conservation Officer on the Full Planning decision notice made up for that.

Maddomswood Barn Whatlington East Sussex – Decision Notice

I met my architect, Stephen Langer of Stephen Langer Associates, and after reviewing the plans and looking over the site he suggested several changes which I liked. I could see them adding value which are the only changes one should ever consider.

As the planning principle had been set it would not take much to amend the planning. A pre-app meeting was arranged during which we would present the revised design and also discuss how we could reduce the impact of the conditions and also extend the garden curtilage. The new curtilage would require an additional planning application.

The Architect set about drawing up the design and I started pulling together the costs for the budget.

The pre-app meeting went well. All that we asked was agreed. The Architect was now tasked with creating several sets of drawings to a) amend planning b) satisfy building regulations c) enable the construction and finally d) to make an Application to extend the garden curtilage.

To enable him to do this I needed to engage a Structural Engineer to provide a design for the Oak Structure which was in need of renewal and repair, the Brick walls which needed re-building, the retaining wall and slab and also the first floor construction.





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