Property Purchase Wish List

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Every potential purchaser has a Property Purchase Wish List

When  ever Phil and Kirsty from Location, Location, Location meet their ‘clients’ they are always given a Property Purchase ‘Wish List’.

The wish list includes a list of things the couple need to find in a house before they will commit to the purchase. Each item in their mind is a barrier/fence/brick wall.

These wish lists are normally quite long and involved and Phil, with a touch of sarcasm, always says something like “I can more than likely find all of your wishes on your wish list but they wont all be in the same house”.

So, when I look at potential deals, and this is something I would encourage you to do, I create the very same list that a potential purchaser would produce and, during any property due diligence / negotiation process, try to tick off as many of the wishes as possible; by doing this I will be knocking down any barriers/fences that buyers naturally put in the way to a purchase.

The route to the purchase/sale needs to be clear of as many obstructions as possible.





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