Refurbishment of Grade 2 Listed Building

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2 The Walks, Groombridge, Kent

Grade 2 Listed Refurbishment Project


Histroic Grade 2 listed house on the village green at Groombridge - Refurbishment project

2 The Walks Groombridge – Grade 2 Listed House


I bought this Grade 2 Listed house in 1994 for £60,000 from the trust that looks after the properties in the village.

It was my first real project. Before that I had bought and lived in houses that just needed a bit of TLC but this historic listed building located on the picturesque village green of Groombridge was in need of more than a lick of paint.


The village green at Groombridge in Kent showing Grade 2 listed houses

Groombridge village green


There were major issues which needed to be addressed including:

  • Structural issues to rear wall and also internally where a wall had been removed without providing adequate support.
  • No Bathroom, only a WC on the ground floor and a rather interesting shower scenario on the first floor landing.
  • No Kitchen, only a stove in the corner.
  • No insulation anywhere.

I lived in the house whilst I carried out the works. I was working full time so I could only complete some of the tasks myself. I employed a plumber, electrician and carpenter to complete the bathroom installation, full electrical re-wire and the installation of stud walls. I did the rest of the work which included:

  • Soft strip into skips
  • Installation of insulation in floors, walls and roof
  • Cleaning of all beams of black paint – a mind numbing task
  • Removal of render from inglenook fireplace
  • Installation of Kitchen
  • Tiling and stone flooring
  • Decorating including wall paper

I don’t have any pictures of the finished project as it was before I had a mobile phone or any interest in taking photos.

It was hard work but it was worth it. I lived in the house until 1997 when I sold the now fully refurbished grade 2 listed (not listing) house for £120,000. I had spent about £10,000 resulting in a lovely profit to take forward of £50,000.


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