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Hello…welcome to my website, HowToProperty.co.uk

Ian William Jenkins - Property Developer and auther of howtoproperty.co.uk

Ian Jenkins – Author of HowToProperty.co.uk

Before I tell you all about me, a few words about the blog first

The blog….

I started this How To Property blog in September 2015 with the pure intention of sharing my knowledge.

I don’t profess to know it all, far from it; however I do know a lot more than most so I believe my out pouring will be of benefit to some, especially those starting out and wanting some pearls of hard earned wisdom.

The information provided will be useful to the small renovator as well as those embarking on larger projects either as self-build or as a business.

As the site is so new the content is limited at the moment. I am writing articles daily so please do subscribe now and you will see the new content as soon as it is written. I will never ever share your contact details. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

If you have any burning questions then please do get in contact and, if I can’t point you towards an article that will answer your question, I will write an article especially for you.

Some of the early articles are quite long as I had a lot to say; my wife says I talk too much so this makes sense. If you don’t have time to read the whole article then do please scan them to find what you want.

About me…

I have been involved in Property for over 22 years and have bought and sold many properties. I have built on extensions, carried out alterations to optimise the use of space, carried out total modernisation and refurbishment or bought for investment. I also enjoy assisting people to sell difficult to sell houses.

You will see when you view my projects page that most of my developments have been to Historic/Listed buildings, in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty (aonb).

I have bought properties with or without planning and have successfully applied for both listed and full planning permission with the local authority requiring bat surveys, archaeological surveys, surveys, structural engineers to support the application.

I have worked with architects, surveyors, engineers, designers and all types of tradesmen from labourers to highly skilled carpenters and stonemasons.

I understand the process completely and consider myself to be an authority on all matters relating to buying and also developing a properties full potential for either owner occupation, re-sale or investment.

Property is exciting and the British especially have a fondness for owning property and making a home for the family to create memories.

An Englishman’s home really is his castle. We need to own property, it is part of what we are. Even if it is a little ground floor flat with a tiny front garden we will still put up a little white picket fence to say ‘this is my home and I am proud of it’.

I absolutely love being involved in bringing properties back to life

During my property career I have made many mistakes, learnt from them and moved forward. You will read about them in various articles. I have also made many inspired decisions which have seen my business grow over the years.

My promise to you

You have landed on this site because you are interested in property. You may need help selling or buying or perhaps guidance on how to start a Property Developing business. I understand your needs as I used to be you and my aim is to help you in every way I can by writing clear and informative articles.

This is a new site so it will take a bit of time to write enough articles to satisfy the thirst for knowledge so if you have a particular question now please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will either direct you to an existing article or write an article especially for you which will answer your specific enquiry.

Please subscribe now and I will deliver new content straight to your in box.

Once this blog is up and running with enough content I will be able to help you….

  • through the planning process including listed and conservation issues and will guide you through the complexities of building regulations and how to approach and work with architects, engineers and other professionals
  • Build, extend, refurbish, modernise, and maximise the development potential of your home
  • decorate and furnish the interior and create attractive landscaped gardens with sustainable planting
  • source and buy the correct tools and materials to carry out your project
  • maximise the financial potential of your property as a holiday home or Bed and Breakfast
  • find products and services that will support and enhance your life’s

I will do this by ……..

  1. providing you with the benefit of my experience, good and bad and the experience of others who are experts in their given field
  2. providing clear and concise information supported by relevant photos drawings and videos.

Please do get in contact with any questions / ideas for blog posts and I will do my level best to oblige. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe.

All the best


“We make a living by what we do but we make a life by what we give”.  Winston Churchill